Saturday, February 13, 2016

FALL 2016: Jenni Kayne


Jenni Kayne Fall 2016 Ready to Wear at New York Fashion Week

You know those collections you see online, and your first thought is "wardrobe goals".
So, that's totally me and this collection. And then there's the cool fact about how this was the first collection I viewed from the new Fall 2016 season, thus making me confident that this season will be a special one. 

Ok, so, Jenni Kayne is a long time favorite because the looks are the coolest. And maybe what I have in common with the models she always has is that we all have messy hair (?) which makes me feel like I have the right to be as cool as the Jenni Kayne girl. Yes. It's the right amount of prep and the right amount of rock-chic, the clothes I will wear to the office and then to the bar and then to a weekend brunch. I'd wear the tees with shorts, and the gorgeous boots with dresses and tights. 
I should probably just Google this, but I'm running late - so, how long has Jenni Kayne been around? Because I feel like she's at the (impressive) point of having familiarity in her clothes and shoes. Again with the coolness. xx