Wednesday, January 13, 2016


new bag?

Let's face the facts for a second here.... How many bags do we actually own? Do we have bags stuffed under our beds, and in the back of our closets? Bags which haven't been used, nor even touched, for the past year (at least)? 
To the first question, I answer "8". I own 8 handbags. They are hidden everywhere in the house, wherever I can find a bit of space for them. Bags I haven't touched in the past year? 4 out of 8. I should also mention that ALL of the untouched bags Zara/H&M, meaning that though each bag may have been cheaper than say, a Givenchy. Additionally, a big reason I haven't used the bags in ages is because... I don't actually like them anymore. I fell to the temptation of fast fashion, and that makes me feel just a bit worse about the whole thing.
Nonetheless, here is my plan to 1. save space in my house and 2. move on from the potential of becoming a mass bag collector, and instead aiming to own better quality bags which will a). last much, much longer and b). will become a staple of my wardrobe. That's right - I'm donating the 4 bags I haven't touched, and I will be treating myself to a bag I truly love, and will use often. The following are my options, I will be choosing one:

I suppose you can call this part of the Eva Chen effect I think I'm very much a follower of. But I do love a bucket bag, it's comfy for everyday use, looks good enough for the evening, and I do love Mansur Gavriel as a brand. This bag costs $395 via

I love Tory Burch for bags; they are always timeless looking and are great quality! I'm not sure what is drawing me towards a saddle bag though. Perhaps, it's Tory Burch doing what she does best (making us want things without knowing why. But we still purchase, so she wins!). This bag costs $450 via

The backpack - my favorite bag trend in ages. One of the four bags I *do* use on a daily basis is a backpack from TOPSHOP (this one, to be exact). The only reason I haven't already jumped into this Loeffler purchase, is I really need another backpack? Thinking about it now. But I do absoluetly adore this chic, black leather. This bag costs $395 via

If I do end up with this bag, Kate Spade will have major domination over my bag game. Along with my wallet game, my card case game, and my passport cover game. Ah, it's like I'm obsessed or something. But anyways, I feel like with the size of this bag, I'll be getting 'the most for my money' - along with that I can 100% vouch for the quality. But is this bag *too* big? That's my current dilemma. But it's a small one. This bag costs $358 via

The trendy choice. But trendy in the I-will-love-it-forever sense. It'll be small, but maybe this will stop me from schlepping loads of stuff with me, all the time. Also, this will become my new clutch, evening bag as well. Ugh, I am already in love. This bag costs $235 via


Thoughts on my list? Do share your own pick! xx



  1. hummm.... difficult. My favs are the first one and the two last ones. So I would probably go for Kate Spade because is the most wearable and timeless... but the others are super nice too: Elisabeth and James would be the best to go out or go for a coffee, but not for my daily life. And Mansur Gavriel's is gorgeous (I'm so in love with this shape, I need to buy one of those "sacs") but not very practical.

    Anyways, those were my thoughts. Let us know which one you end up buying ;)


  2. I have way too many handbags under my bed haha I need to get rid of most of them and invest in quality pieces! Kate spade isa good place to start!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  3. so cute look ; -))

    i invite to me too

  4. Thank you for inspiration! Very interesting post and pretty photos)

  5. Very cute finds I love them all.

  6. beautiful bags, love them all :)
    - fantastic blog you have, i'm now following you on bloglovin :)