Monday, August 13, 2012

Midas Touch

Kate Moss in Alexander McQueen
Stella Tennant in Christopher Kane
Lily Cole in Erdem
Karen Elson in Burberry
Lily Donaldson in Vivienne Westwood
Jourdan Dunn in Jonathan Saunders with David Gandy in Paul Smith
Georgia May Jagger in Victoria Beckham
Naomi Campbell in Alexander McQueen

Photographed by Nick Knight for Vogue UK September 2012

You must all know by now of this incredible tribute to British fashion that took place at the Olympic Closing Ceremony last night.
Fashion is an important part of British culture, it always has been and it always will be. It's something the Brits can sure take pride in as well... McQueen, Burberry, Vivienne Westwood and all of the designers here - these are leaders in the international fashion world, and they are leaders in international, as well as British, pop culture.

It makes me very sad to see how people are calling this tribute 'stupid' and 'unnecessary', and are saying some nasty and quite controversial things I don't like talking about on my blog. But I want to know what you thought about this tribute to fashion, featuring Team Supermodel.
Was this an amazing moment at the Olympic Closing Ceremony, or was it just a 'bathroom break'?


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  1. I loved this moment at the Olympic Closing Ceremony, it was awesome! I chose Kate Moss in Alexander McQueen and Georgia May Jagger in Victoria Beckham!

  2. I love this photoshoot, I choose Naomi :)

  3. WoW!!!

  4. beautiful.... no words really

  5. I saw the closing ceremony life, was amazing !
    Great designers !

    XX Luba
    Today on my blog vintage print Hale Bob dress

  6. And it was even better on my tv yesterday night! They're amazingly gorgeous!

  7. Oh yes; I definitely screamed my lungs out when they came on; Whoever is saying this was unnecessary or stupid needs a kick up the butt.

    Great blog: I'm your new follower <3

    Lots of love;

  8. Lovely pics! the color is stunning!

  9. I thought it was incredible and I loved this editorial too :)

  10. The gowns are as gorgeous as the models themselves.

  11. I loved the tribute! I think Kate was awesome - her walk was so perfect! And yes, British fashion is an important part of the British culture (and has been for a long while, hey I've studied fashion history at a university - and this is what they taught us there, haha! so it really is true! - people just don't know it or get it...) - so why wouldn't it be a part of the closing ceremony..? Just like the music and Winston Churchill... :)

    xo, Hanna

  12. I thought it was a bit weird and didnt really understand why they were that but now I totally agree with you! They were there to represent the fashion industry in the UK which is huge. Great point!

  13. Gold is going to be EVERYWHERE this fall!

  14. I love that moment, but again I love british fashion, I think it represents the british culture strongly, I don't understand the controversy though...every aspect of that ceremony, from the rock stars to the british athletes outfits were imbued whit that particularly british fashion sense, and I think that if this tribute had not existed, they would criticize its absence...

    Big hugs, dear Arden!

  15. Kate Moss in Alexander McQueen... <333333

  16. Hi dear
    Thanks for your comment some weeks ago on my blog
    So cool editorial

    Kiss kiss.*Jo

  17. Actually, I loved this moment because it is so much of what England is now.
    They give a lot of our current pop culture and fashion is a major part of it.
    I loved this spread...the models and the clothes were absolutely perfect.

  18. Love the looks!

  19. Amazing dresses! Great models.

  20. This has to be one of the best fashion editorials I've ever seen too date. So major.

    And the first ever fashion moment in the Olympics, amazing.

    England should be proud.


  21. I think it is very important to promote your heritage, even if it includes fashion. Why Rolls Royce & Mini Cooper are OK and McQueen and the rest fashion designers' work is not? The fashion industry rules almost a century now and people have to start showing some respect