Saturday, August 25, 2012

Latest Buys

Slowly but surely, I begin to check items off my "To Buy for Fall 2012" list.

1. Essie's Tart Deco (the coral color, from their Spring 2010 line) & Sew Psyched (the cashmere green color, from their Fall 2010 line). During the fall and winter I tend to wear more black than usual, so I figured I should add some color through my nails. Tart Deco turned out to be a bit too bright and very neon for my taste, but it goes really well with another pink nail color I already own and I have mixed the two for a nice gradient manicure, which I have been wearing nonstop.
Sew Psyched is such a beautiful color, I love how it shows up on your nails and it also seems to go with almost every skin tone... Definitely recommended.

2. There's nothing like a fresh new fragrance to start off a new season... This is Trésor In Love by Lancôme (here) and I actually received this as a birthday gift. I have never gone for a Lancôme fragrance before, I suppose I never thought I would like them. But, I sure was wrong because I'm in LOVE with this scent. It has a touch of nectarine and cedar wood, distinctive rose and luminous jasmine, and it smells absolutely divine. For anybody looking for a new fragrance and likes floral, yet woody scents - highly recommended.

3. Zara's Basic Velvet Slipper (here). I've wanted a velvet flat for years, and I could never find the perfect pair. A few days ago, I walked into Zara looking for something nice to wear for a rehearsal dinner, and there in the windows the mannequin was wearing a pair of velvet flats. Oh, and they happened to be in my size too. They are so comfortable, and so easy. I got them in black, but I saw they had a blue too.

What's on your "To Buy for Fall 2012" list? xx

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  1. what lovely classic fashion pieces, adore! xo

  2. Love the shoes and the shades of nail polish are stunning! Love your blog :) You have a new follower! xxx

  3. the coral color is lovely ! Love so much the slippers !

    XX Luba
    Well Living Blog

  4. Loved the shades of the nail polish! Essie nail polishes are sooo good! :)


  5. lovely coral pink essie nail polish xo
    would you like to follow each other?

  6. I looove the nailpolishes and the loafers :)

  7. hey Arden! great buys! :) i´ve never tried Essie nail polish, but i´ve heard such good stuff about them... and the names they put are to die for! so much fun!
    I´ve recently purchased a new perfume too... I had wanted it for quite a while and now it´s mine. It´s "L´Eau de Chloé". and man do i love it!!
    love the velvet flats!! i got a pair of similar slippers but they have round studs on them :) love Zara!!

    XO Jannine

  8. The flats are so cool! Love the loafer-style and the velvet is so pretty:)
    Also, thank you so much for the nice comment on my blog :)
    Bowtie Diary

  9. I love my pair of velvet loafers but these ones from Zara are gorgeous too!

  10. I love the second nail polish!! I'm going to get one from either boujour or Essie, that is a similar color, but without the shimmer =D LOVE it!!


  11. great purchases;))) congratulations!!

    xoxo Iren
    Living In A Kitten's World

  12. Ah! Arden In my to by list for next season...SHOES!!!, of course shoes!

    Big hugs!

  13. thanks for your lovely comment
    I would love to follow each other
    keep in touch xoxo

  14. Love your slippers and Essie's are the best ;)